Friday, June 20, 2008


I sincerely apologize in being late with today's posting. Again, I know many of you have difficulty eating, sleeping, concentrating at work because you are so excited to see what outrageousness lies in wait. You must forgive me as I spent the morning doing this:
Watching my neighbor's kids!

And then trying to get to do this:

(Madalyn's obviously quite younger in this picture, but I don't take sleeping pictures anymore. Are you kidding me? Sneak into her room and risk waking her up in the middle of a nap? Nope :).

ANYWAYS, today's posting is courtesy of Dan and my good friend Brad Ruggles. He thought this would be a fitting submission for Outrageous Friday, which brings me to a new element in this weekly tradition...join in the fun! If you come across something truly outrageous, let me know about it, and you too could appear as a featured contributor on this nationally acclaimed blog. :)

So let's cut to the chase...Meet The Flippee! Now, girls outnumber boys in my house, but...

...maybe someday this will come in handy! Here's what the official site says:
Flippee™ The Toilet Shield protects your toilet, walls and floor from accidents. It attaches to your toilet with premium suction cups and stores discreetly around the base. The drip lip feature stops any excess from hitting the floor when it is flipped down.
Brad found this posted at The woman blogging is a pastor's wife and mom of three boys; she thought this may be the answer to (most of) her troubles!
Let me know what you think and have a GREAT weekend!


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I think it would be one more thing for me to clean pee off of. Ug...I loathe cleaning the bathroom!