Friday, June 6, 2008

Outrageous Friday...

I've decided to include a little feature on my blog called "Outrageous Friday." I figure by the end of the week we can all use something to make us laugh. I'm pretty excited as I've already found some things that are truly, well...outrageous.

This week's find was advertised in the magazine Wondertime, a gorgeous compilation of articles celebrating childhood. The stories are incredibly well written and usually very witty. These little beauties were displayed in an article about potty training.

Are you ready for this?

Meet Pee and Poo, cuddly, huggable plush dolls designed to make potty training tangible and fun:

For more laughs, or to purchase these cute excrements for your little one, visit their website home:
And, as funny as those two are, I promise you, next Friday's outrageous find is even better!
Ps. If you actually do want to purchase darling Pee and Poo, do so on this website since they are ten dollars cheaper than the official site given above!


Rebekah said...

That is completely disgusting!

P.S. I love reading your blog.

Andi said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!

Brad Ruggles said...

lol...that's hilarious (and disgusting). I don't know how excited I'd be about my kids hugging their pee and poop dolls! :-P

Brad Ruggles //