Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have been through natural childbirth. I've broken a bone. I've had appendicitis and an appendectomy. I would consider myself pretty well acquainted with pain. But last night I had one of my first migraines. Let me tell you, it ranks up there. The sensitivity to light, the inability to lay down (for some reason, it's a hundred times worse if I rest my head), and the awful nausea that sweeps over again and again. Leading finally to, well, you know. Although I will say, I've found the kitchen sink to be a much better place to throw up than the toilet. I know it sounds gross, but hear me here. No disgusting bathroom odors to inhale (my bathroom is freshly clean, but with the migraine I was sooo sensitive to smells that I was still repulsed) and the sink is at waist crouching down. And if you have a sprayer and a garbage disposal...alright, too much information, huh?

Anyway, I have an awesome family. Dan was sitting up with me until I told him "I know, sickness and health and all that, but you really don't have to watch me throw up" :). My exhausted husband finally went to sleep. And my mom is coming today to pick up Maddy, saving her from a fate of PBS kids shows, since I am just whipped.

Let me know if you get migraines and what you do for them. Hopefully I won't be experiencing them on a regular schedule, but I'd like to be prepared next time!


Brad Ruggles said...

Wow, I've never had a headache that bad. Props to Danny-boy for staying up with you.

Get some rest.

Rebekah said...

So sorry friend :(

I've never had one, but I usually use sex as the cure all. Everyone could use a little sexual healing (age appropriate of course).

Laura said...

@Rebekah: Honey, if you ever DO have one, you will know that THAT is about the LAST thing likely to happen! LOL...thanks for the tip though!