Thursday, June 26, 2008

Expand your vocab; Feed a hungry world...

Help end world hunger

My dear friends Andi and Frank recently told me about this cool website, The UN World Food Program has set up a site where advertising sponsors agree to donate free rice to those in need every time you answer a vocabulary question correctly! 20 grains are donated for each right answer and the more you play, the more you give. It is a fun way to sharpen your syntax and impress your friends.


You can play even if you are home, sick in bed with pollinosis.

Ooo, you say, she sounds very smart and medical-ish. Well, I just learned on that pollinosis means "hay fever"!

See what I mean! O-kay, ready, set, GO!

I expect to see big words in all of your blogs! I won't tell! :)



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Brad Ruggles said...

Laura, what a cool site and a great idea! That totally goes along with my post today about little things we do making a big difference.

Thanks for sharing this site!