Monday, September 21, 2009

Simple Joy...Happy Boy

What is making this 3 month old so happy?What, oh what, could it be?Why does he laugh and coo?Here is a tiny clue...
A new friend, created by Sissy at Pre-school, smiles the whole day through...
And our Gabe can't resist her sweet, apple-y charms...can you?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Because I Never Get Tired Of This...

Gonna Be Friends from Brad Ruggles on Vimeo.

Because I will never get tired of this video. Maddy was meeting Gabe for the first time, armed with a blue "snuggle b" she picked out just for him. This is one of my favorite moments ever. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For Those Who Dropped Napping Like A Bad Habit

This is an idea for all you mothers of three year olds out there. I've heard that some of your darling, wee-angels have begun to protest, and altogether quit, napping. I can only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth this has introduced to the 1:00-3:00 time span at your house.

And I say "I can only imagine", of course, because my three year old still walks herself into her room at promptly 1:00 PM, driven by some sort of internal clock of obedience, and snuggles herself into her bed for a deep two hour slumber each and every day. There is no arguing, no bribing, and certainly no threatening that she will not play with friends later if she doesn't go to sleep rightthisinstant. There's no need for all that, with the inner-obedience clock and all.

But for those of you whose children might lean towards the more realistic side, I made a great discovery that has probably already been discovered a thousand times over and isn't all that creative.

I discovered it nonetheless. At our local library there are literally hundreds of children's books on CD and cassette. CD/ old-school cassette player on your child's dresser, pop one in, and quiet time in lieu of nap while said toddler is entertained with Charlotte's Web or Harry Potter*.

Audio Book + Child in Room = Guilt Free Parenting Solution To A Need For A Few Half-Hours Of Quiet Each Day

You're welcome. Me, I'll just keep enjoying my toddler fit-denying, self-disciplining, pre-school behavior-abiding daughter.

*I don't actually recommend Harry Potter for the three year old set. It was, however, available.