Thursday, January 22, 2009

THE COW: Madalyn's Lesson on Sharing...

"I love church. They have all the animals about Jesus" says Madalyn as we make our way inside the children's wing for Wednesday night service. I wasn't aware that there were "animals about Jesus" in her class, but the thought makes me smile. In fact, I am unaware of most of what transpires during the hour-and-a-half that M spends in 2-year old land each week. All I know is that her teachers, um, always have an anecdote to share with Dan and I when we pick her up. And the conversation usually begins with, "Oh, you are Madalyn's parents?..."

But the funniest part this week came when we were in the car on the way home:

M: "That little boy wanted to play with the cow but it was MY turn to play with the cow."

Me: "Well, did you let him have his turn and then ask if you could play?"

M: "It wasn't his turn, Mommy. It was mine. I told him "It's my turn, please!" But he wouldn't give it to me!"

Me: "Well, when you want to share a toy, you need to wait for your turn, and then ask nicely. If the little boy won't let you have a turn, you can ask the teacher to help."

Dan interjects: "Or you can just find something else to play with, M."

(Right. That's what I meant. I'm sure I wouldn't encourage our child to tattle. It's a good thing she has a wise Daddy around!)

M: "Or HE can find something else to play with, and I can play with the cow. I'll say "Please!" and he will say "Thank you!" and then I'll say "You're welcome!"

Me: "Oh, look, here's a bible verse on your paper from class. Did you learn this verse today?"

M: No. I wanted a turn with the cow.

Glad it's all sinking in...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

POP Goes My Composure...

*Edited to Add: The comment at the end of this post about finding a new church is meant humorously; Dan and I LOVE, LOVE our church and the people there! Plus, it's big, so the amount of people who actually witnessed this event is a small percentage ;)! Just thought I'd clarify...**

Original Post
Our day:

M and I wake up and go about the business of getting ready for church. Daddy is still out plowing all the snow that was once again dumped on our frigid state. So we eat our cheerios, take a shower (Mommy), get dressed (both :), and go about the business if getting ourselves out of the house solo. Without Daddy's faithful assistance.

But we do o-kay. Until I am backing up out of the driveway and promptly get stuck in the foot and a half ridge that has been plowed into our drive. I try pulling forward and readjusting, then reverse again. Stuck. Again. Stuck, stuck, still very stuck. "What's happening, Mommy? We have to go to church!" M, who clings to the hour-a-week she gets to spend in her two year old class like a lifeline, is concerned when I say, "We're stuck, Maddy, we might not be able to go to church." I run to grab a shovel to see if I can dig out around the tires.

At this point, I'd like to give a sarcastic shout out to our neighbor across the street out who was out snow blowing his driveway during this time. He continued to do so the entire while that a pregnant girl was shoveling, getting back in the car and trying to move, and shoveling some more. Thanks, Buddy.

Anyways, pure sweetness, because during the time we were stuck, I told M we needed to pray and ask Jesus to help us get unstuck. She did so with all her little heart. And then when we finally were on our way, after a hearty "Thank You, Jesus!", she retold the event on the way to church by saying, "Mommy, I prayer-ed, and Jesus got us unstuck!" And if that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will :).

So we get there a teensy bit late, we get M to her classroom, I get me to the service, I enjoy the service, I go and get M, and everything is beautiful. We come back to the atrium, where bagels and coffee are being served, and M informs me that "I want bread, Mommy" after seeing a child walk by with a bagel. At this moment I should mention that our family attends a large church, which has a huge main campus about thirty minutes away from our house, and many satellite locations. One just opened in a local high school very close to our house. The atrium in this particular building has very high ceilings. You'll need to remember that in a minute.

So we get a bagel and take a seat at a table in this central gathering place. It's one of those mother-daughter moments, just M and I, enjoying a bagel and the unrushed peace of our morning schedule. Many children are running around, and M notices that most of them have balloons. I conclude that the older kids must have gotten balloons in Sunday school or something. M mentions that she wants a balloon, but, all in all, handles the situation pretty well, and continues eating her bagel. And then a sweet little angel child comes over and hands my girl a huge blue balloon. My heart melts, M is thrilled, and we happily continue munching, this time with M keeping one hand on the balloon.

Then it happens.

Out of nowhere, and for no apparent reason, the balloon pops. And when I say "pops" what I mean is "makes a sound like a bomb going off, or at the very least, gunfire." I promise you I am not exaggerating. It must have had something to do with the very high ceilings, and perhaps the current humidity and phase of the moon, but the sound is enough to silence each and every conversation taking place in the entire area. All eyes are on us.

So, you know, M is crying, and you know I am flushed, but, you know, it was just a balloon that popped. Not a big deal, right? Another sweet angel child (we apparently have a lot of them at church) tells me she will run downstairs and get M another balloon. Meanwhile, the halo-clad kid from earlier comes back and gives M her OTHER balloon. How incredibly sweet. Conversation starts to return to normal and church staff return their cell phones to their pockets, relieved there was, in fact, no actual bomb.

And you think you know what happens next? Yep, THE SECOND BALLOON POPS! Friends, these children had been playing with these balloons for a good 15 minutes, but the minute M and I touch them, they explode. Again, same noise, same halt in conversation, same tears.

Oh wait, did I say "same tears"? That's not entirely true. Because (and here's the TRULY embarrassing part), upon the bursting of the second balloon...I also begin to cry.

That's right. Publicly. With all eyes on me. Right along with my distraught toddler. For no apparent reason other than stinkin' pregnancy raging hormones! I mean, SERIOUSLY? What mom cries over two burst balloons?? If I try to explain it rationally (which, believe me, I can't!), I was sad over seeing M so sad, so scared, so shaken up. Her little lip trembling, her body shaking, saying through her sobs, "That balloon scared my ears!" over and over...well, it broke my heart.

A sweet mom comes over and gives M another balloon, this time complete with a plastic bag to keep it in, because you know that child is not touching another balloon directly for a loooonnngg, loooonnng time. I sniffle through a conversation with Sweet Mom, trying, unsuccessfully, to compose myself when she asks me my name. My hand's a little damp when she shakes it. I mumble about being pregnant and hormonal, and then M and I gather our composure, and vacate the premises.


So, I need your we look for a new church? Or do I hold my head high next Sunday and pretend it is perfectly normal to break down into a weepy puddle when a green balloon pops? Let me know!

Lovin' the madness,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Baby BOY!!!

Our little Baby Carney was seen by Dan and I on Monday at approximately 3:39 pm for the first time. We went into the darkened room, I laid up on the table, Dan sat in a chair and then I told him to move the chair over by the table because he was too far away :). He held my hand, I exposed my tummy and the ultrasound tech said "this gel is warm" as she squirted the blue goo on me. The second the probe touched my belly...a baby appeared up on the screen. It takes my breath away every time (o-kay, the two times I've experienced having an ultrasound)! I fully realize that there is an actual baby living inside me. With toes and fingers and everything.

Baby C. was quite an active little soul, moving, squirming, sucking, and putting his little hands up to his little face.

That's right...very early on in the ultrasound, the tech confirmed that we wanted to know the gender, and then said..."here's your gender! It's a boy!" as she froze the screen on the confirming evidence. WOW! Not only were almost all of YOUR guesses wrong (except for my Mom!), but Dan and I both strongly thought it was a girl as well...but we are thrilled. Dan literally didn't stop smiling for the rest of the ultrasound. My mind immediately went to what it means to have a son...

Little Baby Boy weighed in at approximately 9oz, which puts him in the 50th percentile, and I joked that we've never heard anything less than 98th with Maddy! The tech said that I'm certainly not out of the woods yet for having a big baby since the size usually comes later in pregnancy.

And, thank God, everything was normal and healthy...four chambered heart, two kidneys, in tact spinal cord, normal size fat pad at nape of neck, mouth and nose formed...we are so thankful for a healthy baby.

A healthy baby boy.

I took one last look before the procedure was complete, thinking to myself that was the last time I would see our son until June. I can't wait to hold him.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Boy or Girl???

*Updated to add: REALLY? Everyone so far guessed "girl"! I'm pretty amazed by that. We'll see if any other votes roll in...*
Alright, kiddos, here it is, the big moment of truth. Monday is my ultrasound at 3:30pm, and although I am not looking forward to the "drink-three-glasses-of-water-an-hour-before-the-appointment-thing" (why oh why do they do this to pregnant women? I can't drink a teaspoon of water without having to pee 5 minutes later!), I am GREATLY looking forward to seeing Baby C in living color black and white. Oh, and that little issue of BOY OR GIRL will be revealed! Or twins. I am still holding out a great deal of hope for this little option, as unlikely is at may be!

Anyways, I want to hear your guesses, complete with rationale, if there is any :). Gut feelings count too. Here is some data for your consideration:

*The heart rate has been 155, 160, and 144 respectively the three times I've heard it. There is no scientific support for the heart rate theory, in fact, clinical studies disprove it, but I know a lot of people still give it a lot of credence. So do with this info what you will!

*I'm feeling about the same amount of movement I felt with Maddy at this point.

*I was much more nauseous in the beginning of my pregnancy than I was with M.

*I've gained...wait a minute, a girl's got to have some secrets ;)! I'll just say being pregnant during the holidays is rough!

*I have had one dream where the baby was a boy (right after I found out I was prego) and one two nights ago where the baby was a smaller, blonder version of Madalyn!

That's about it! So guess away, and, on Monday evening, I'll post the gender and list all of you who were right on the money. I'll brag about how intuitive, perceptive, and maybejustatad prophetic you are if you get it right :)!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"You Can't Wear A Five Dollar Bra..."

...says Oprah. Seriously, I heard her say it. The woman believes in the power of a good brassiere in making you look your best. And, I have to say, I agree. I've tried plenty of discount, Target-type versions that never compare to a good old Victoria Secret counterpart.

But who has $50+ to spend on a single bra? Well, I hope you do, actually. But I don't.

So I was pretty thrilled about this sale at Bare Necessities. Free shipping on any orders over $25, and I just scored two bras that would have normally totaled $106 for $31. That, my friends, is the best of both worlds...good bras at bargain prices. I'm sure Oprah will be so proud of me. You know, when she reads this blog. Y'all didn't know she was a reader? :)

Ohandalso, some Juicy Couture pants happened to fall into my online shopping cart. I know, I know, but just listen...they are black velour and wonderful. And maternity. AND normally $98 on sale for $19.99 (!!!!!!!!!) AND I just got Christmas money. AND when I put them on, I don't plan on taking them off for the duration of my pregnancy, and quite possibly some time after, making them an even better value.

So there you have it, friends. $204 worth of merchandise just purchased for $50.97 out the door.

Buy yourself something pretty! Make Oprah proud.