Friday, January 9, 2009

Boy or Girl???

*Updated to add: REALLY? Everyone so far guessed "girl"! I'm pretty amazed by that. We'll see if any other votes roll in...*
Alright, kiddos, here it is, the big moment of truth. Monday is my ultrasound at 3:30pm, and although I am not looking forward to the "drink-three-glasses-of-water-an-hour-before-the-appointment-thing" (why oh why do they do this to pregnant women? I can't drink a teaspoon of water without having to pee 5 minutes later!), I am GREATLY looking forward to seeing Baby C in living color black and white. Oh, and that little issue of BOY OR GIRL will be revealed! Or twins. I am still holding out a great deal of hope for this little option, as unlikely is at may be!

Anyways, I want to hear your guesses, complete with rationale, if there is any :). Gut feelings count too. Here is some data for your consideration:

*The heart rate has been 155, 160, and 144 respectively the three times I've heard it. There is no scientific support for the heart rate theory, in fact, clinical studies disprove it, but I know a lot of people still give it a lot of credence. So do with this info what you will!

*I'm feeling about the same amount of movement I felt with Maddy at this point.

*I was much more nauseous in the beginning of my pregnancy than I was with M.

*I've gained...wait a minute, a girl's got to have some secrets ;)! I'll just say being pregnant during the holidays is rough!

*I have had one dream where the baby was a boy (right after I found out I was prego) and one two nights ago where the baby was a smaller, blonder version of Madalyn!

That's about it! So guess away, and, on Monday evening, I'll post the gender and list all of you who were right on the money. I'll brag about how intuitive, perceptive, and maybejustatad prophetic you are if you get it right :)!


April said...

Well, not being a mom myself, and not being too familiar with the various wives' tales about how to tell, I'll just take a wild stab at it.....
I guess it's a girl

oh that's just PEACHY! said...

It's 2,000% girl.

(and bonus- you get to reuse all M's great clothes be this true....which it is! lol)

Jen Holt said...

girl number 2 is on her way...i just know it, sorry no real rational, just going with the gut!

Rebekah said...

Well...I know you really want another girl...Maddy assuredly wants another girl (whether she knows it or not!)...It would make life easier and cheaper (thinking of bedroom sharing, clothes, toys, etc)...and I really want to have the first boy (I know that's selfish) I'm going to pick GIRL on the above rationale which does not in fact use any rationd.

Meeghan said...

I am going to go with girl to. Having only girls its all I know, and the heartrate it high :) We find out a week from Tuesday. The heart rate has been the same as it was for Melia and Eva, so we will see.

Mia and Beepa said...


My gut has been saying, "Boy!", but I was wrong about Mark--I mean Madalyn...
So put me down for an (another wonderfully-beautiful-amazingly-talented) girl!

Mia and Beepa said...

Ok .... I am not sure but I will vote boy (for Dan). But no matter girl or boy, I know what a wonderful sister they will have. They?, could it be twins???