Thursday, January 22, 2009

THE COW: Madalyn's Lesson on Sharing...

"I love church. They have all the animals about Jesus" says Madalyn as we make our way inside the children's wing for Wednesday night service. I wasn't aware that there were "animals about Jesus" in her class, but the thought makes me smile. In fact, I am unaware of most of what transpires during the hour-and-a-half that M spends in 2-year old land each week. All I know is that her teachers, um, always have an anecdote to share with Dan and I when we pick her up. And the conversation usually begins with, "Oh, you are Madalyn's parents?..."

But the funniest part this week came when we were in the car on the way home:

M: "That little boy wanted to play with the cow but it was MY turn to play with the cow."

Me: "Well, did you let him have his turn and then ask if you could play?"

M: "It wasn't his turn, Mommy. It was mine. I told him "It's my turn, please!" But he wouldn't give it to me!"

Me: "Well, when you want to share a toy, you need to wait for your turn, and then ask nicely. If the little boy won't let you have a turn, you can ask the teacher to help."

Dan interjects: "Or you can just find something else to play with, M."

(Right. That's what I meant. I'm sure I wouldn't encourage our child to tattle. It's a good thing she has a wise Daddy around!)

M: "Or HE can find something else to play with, and I can play with the cow. I'll say "Please!" and he will say "Thank you!" and then I'll say "You're welcome!"

Me: "Oh, look, here's a bible verse on your paper from class. Did you learn this verse today?"

M: No. I wanted a turn with the cow.

Glad it's all sinking in...


Rebekah said...

She sure keeps me laughing :)

Meeghan said... this story.

Rebecca said...

too cute!!!

not sure how i came across your blog... maybe at someone else's comments....