Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Free Beauty Products, Anyone??

So I've recently been checking out a couple pretty cool sites: http://www.wantnot.net/ and http://www.itsmorethanenough.blogspot.com/. Both post amazing deals every day; things like free string cheese at Wal-Mart if you use a coupon from Sunday's paper or free salad dressing after rebate. And if cheese and salad's not your thing, they both have an amazing deal from Amazon.com's beauty department posted. It is as follows, although you can get all the official info at the site:
Spend at least $25.00 in beauty products from a single source on Amazon.com, and the site will give you a subscription to the magazine US Weekly. But wait, you say, I like to know what is going on with Britney and see Suri's cute outfits as much as the next person, but I'm not really into having gossip in my mailbox. If it was People, then we'd be talking. I thought you'd say that, dear reader, and here is where it gets good. If you chose to fore go your subscription, US Weekly will refund you $19.80 instead.

So you spend $25.00 and get $20.00 back! How's that for a deal? I felt so blessed since I need new foundation. As previously mentioned, I am trying to be more conscientious about buying "safe" products (see earlier post Skin Deep), so I got on the Skin Deep website, found a foundation with a super great safety rating, and ordered it through Amazon! Since my total didn't come to $25.00, I had to throw in a fun eyeshadow too, darn it :).

Think makeup, shampoo, or lotion! Think gifts for Mom, Sister, or Friend! How fun! Seriously, check out those two above mentioned sites. They are rocking my world :).


Brad Ruggles said...

Like, oh my gosh! I am like, SO there!! ;-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Rebekah said...

Which foundation did you settle on? I need a new one too, but wasn't sure which direction to go in.

Thanks for offering me the fruit of your labor!

Brad Ruggles said...

Laura, where did you go? We miss your blogs!!