Friday, June 27, 2008


Alright, I know you've come to expect ridiculous gadgets and gizmos from the Outrageous Friday Post. Oh, sidebar, I think it is quite endearing how you all personalize the name! I've heard it called "Crazy Friday" and "Wacky Friday" among other things! Smile. Sigh. O-kay, moving on...

This Friday's post is neither a gadget nor a gizmo and might not be that exciting to some of you, but it is an AMAZING, OUTRAGEOUS, CRAZY, and WACKY bargain I found via and The Company Store is a beautiful place to find lovely (albeit pricey) linens, pjs, home furnishings, etc. Right now they are having their Winter Blowout Sale and just lookie what you can get:

For $13.99! Regularly $59.00! And if you enter the code AFFGK08, you get 10% off on top of that!


NO, for the bunting, not the baby! Geez, how outrageous do you think this post is??

Check out the other Winter Blowout items for some great Christmas items! You'll be so smug, having some of your shopping done in June :).



Ps. You SERIOUSLY thought I was talking about the baby? Wow..


Rebekah said...

I checked it out and was all over that green polka dot crib bedding! Unfortunately all the items on sale were for pink or sad! I really wanted the bumper but it was $50, not on sale! Thanks for the tip, cute stuff!

Brad Ruggles said...

Great navy camo snowsuit. It's like "Old Navy" meets "baby Rambo" :-)