Sunday, August 24, 2008

Those Kinda Parents...

You know the ones. Everything their child does is above-average and amazing. They love to tell you about the sight words she has memorized by age two, the algebraic equations by age four.

Since having Madalyn, I know the thrill that comes with watching your child achieve a new skill. The smugness that accompanies reading What To Expect The First Year and realizing most babies aren't doing that by this age.
But I realize this feeling is universal. There is a certain danger, I believe, with placing too high of expectations on a developing, learning, imagining, wandering, giggling little creature.

SO when Madalyn completed Microfish Two and rode her first horse like-she'd-been-doing-it-all-her-life in a single week, I never made any Olympic comparisons, nor did I envision lessons at smelly horse stalls or the echo of an empty university pool.

She is, after all, only two.

OF COURSE, there will be many more pictures, for your viewing pleasure, posted soon, since an average of 235 images of these blessed events were captured.


Rebekah said...

Oh, Laura she looks so big up on that horse! Where did time go? I love that little madders...especially after she me told me I had "pretty eyes"! I say go all the way with your emotions. I can see it now: "Madalyn Carney, world-renowned horse jumper." Yup, only a matter of time.

Brad Ruggles said...

Wow, such perfect form! I think you've got a future medal winner on your hands! :-)