Monday, August 25, 2008

Small Town Splendor

This past weekend was Metamora Days, an annual festival that takes place in the one-horse town where I grew up.

I am not sure what a one-horse town is.

I am sure Metamora is one.
But if you'll harken back to yester-year with me, you'll see a little girl who's birthday party was held each year during this grand festival. Tiny little Metamora used to put on a much better show than she does today. The day would commence with a parade lining up right in front of our house, continue with a downtown craft fair, petting zoo, and hoopla, and finish up with a breath-taking hot air balloon launch. Oh, and then fireworks.

And in my innocent youth, I don't believe I could quite differentiate that this was not all, in fact, in celebration of my birthday.

In fact, as we drove into town last weekend, to introduce Madalyn to the thrills of small town splendor, I saw a sign for some little one's birthday. Warm sigh. Lucky kid.
"How does the rooster feel, Maddy?"
"He feels nice."

"Baaaa-ing" at the sheep. They communicated quite nicely with one another.

Everyone in my family heard me say, "I just can't believe how well she rode that horse. She looked like she'd been doing it all her life" 15 times.

Quite a sight to behold.


Jen Holt said...
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Jen Holt said...

Gosh...she is just georgous! although i dont always comment, i LOVE keeping up with your blog...
and about the sleepless nights, i hope you are right about them not lasting forever :)

Brad Ruggles said...

Ahhh, Metamora days! Looks like so much fun.

I have no desire to move back to Michigan but those are the kind of things I have great memories of. I wish everyone could have memories of growing up in a small town.

Have you taken her to 7 Ponds Nature Center in Dryden yet or the Harvest Festival there? That was one of my favorite things as a kid.

Jen Holt said...

it really is called "the miracle blanket" just google it to check it out!

Meeghan said...

The pict of Maddy with the sheep is adorable. She is way more brave than Melia, who would only touch the bunnies when we were at a petting zoo this summer, and she would not even think about getting on a pony, let alone a horse.