Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Almost Don't Want To Post This...

...because I am considering using this amazing sale at Target to buy a Christmas gift for every woman I know! But because the long weekend is here, and I'm feeling generous, go ahead and buy yourself a $5.00 purse!

Just don't be suspicious if you receive an eerily similar one around the Holidays. I'm sure I pay a handsome sum for the gifts I give my loved ones :)...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!



*This amazing deal found at**
Edited to add: *Seriously, I could buy myself about 12 of these purses! Does anyone else feel the same way??*


Meeghan said...
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Meeghan said...

Okay...what a GREAT deal. I was going to make purses for the girls in our family for Christmas, but it would cost me more to make them.

Just a thought...I spent $40 originally and the total was going to be 65.00 with tax and shipping (they were going to charge me $21 to ship), but then I figured out if you spend $50 you get FREE shipping. SO naturally, I had to spend an additional $10 and my total then was only $54.00 and free shipping. Saved my self $11.00 and got a few more purses out of the deal, and got a good chunk of Christmas shopping done.

Rebekah said...

I bought 4!!! :) And like Meeghan, spent an extra thirty some dollars on clothes so I could get free that still a deal?