Thursday, August 21, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama...

**My Little Drama Queen on the keyboard. She's the next Brooke White, I'm pretty sure. Remember Brooke from American Idol? She was so sweet. I just loved her. Anyways...**

I'm pretty sure I could be a mom of all girls. I say this, of course, so you can all chuckle under your breath when and if Dan and I get pregnant next and discover we are having a boy.

I'll tell you why. My reason is partly because I have mostly been around girls. I nannyed for three of the sweetest, most drama-filled girls you could ever meet during my college years. I always loved watching "Strawberry Shortcake", braiding hair, and dressing up dolls. I loved baking with them. I loved making crafts. Now that the oldest is thirteen, I love hearing about her friends, her crushes, and her new favorite pair of jeans. I'm used to the fights, the tears, the pouty lips.

When I found out Madalyn was a girl, my mind instantly went to all of these things. Helping her pick out a Homecoming dress. Coloring at the table for hours. The sweet pretty things, the living room dance parties, the joy.

And, oh, the drama!

My recent revelation is that I love the drama that comes with being surrounded by girls. Somewhat of an, ahem, drama queen myself (did I just admit that?), I am comfortable with this exuberant side of the female gender. I love knowing the scoop (I've often asked my best friend Andrea, a decidedly UN-dramatic gal, if she thinks there would be any merit in starting a Christian gossip column). I love watching the back stories of the Olympic athletes and finding out they overcame tremendous obstacles to be where they are and then panning back and watching them win gold. And when they loose by a fraction of a second...oh, the drama.

Let me clarify. I do not endorse creating unnecessary drama, unless in a controlled, imaginary play setting ("WHAT? Your dollie's best friend is moving to NEBRASKA?? Well, let her have a good cry about it, approach her friend's parents, and see if she can't beg and plead with them to change their minds" and the like). And I truly oppose gossip (despite my brainstorms about

But if you have a scoop you'd like to share, your secret's safe with me, and I will lean in with delight, and relish every word! My same undramatic friend, Andrea, has often said "Just look at you!" when she's about to tell me something juicy!

I love drama. And Maddy seems to be following in her mommy's footsteps. We put a new, pretty dress on her yesterday and she gushed, with all the hushed reverence a two year old can muster, "Oh, Mommy, just like a princess!" We'll keep enjoying our fanciness around here, God Bless Daddy!

Until, you know, a little boy comes along. After this post, you know one's bound to :).


ruggles said...

ok, now I'm praying for a boy! ;)

Rebekah said...

We'll provide the boys--you keep having girls! :)

My new realization is that I enjoy being the only girlie-girl around and I think I would be okay with all boys...More shopping for me! :)

Meeghan said...

If Rebekah has all boys that means she can take our girls shopping and spoil them :) They sure love their Aunt B

Andi said..., yes, I'm sure you know that I DO recall Brooke White (whom I also LOVE, as I'm sure you recall) and would be more than thrilled if our precious Maddy ended up following in her shoes. If not, I'll still love her anyway :)

And, you may be pushing the envelope to actually DOCUMENT that you'd like to be the mom of only girls. I mean, discussions...okay. Documentation...risky.

JK. I really do think you're a fantastic mom and have a certain patience and understanding with girls that I seem to wonder if I possess. Which is why I'm okay to document that I think I'd be just fine to be the mom of boys. :) (Now, I may be biting off more than I can chew...more little Frank's running around...Marietta boys (plural) under one roof? ...more reason to need YOU!)