Friday, August 22, 2008

Drama, Part 2

**NOTE: I'm on a little break from OUTRAGEOUS Friday. Just not enough outrageousness floating around. I will, however, get back to it just as soon as I feel like it :)**

Last night I babysat for the same three little girls mentioned in my previous post. Although I started watching them when they were just 1 yr., 5 yrs., and 7 yrs., they are now 7, 11, and 13.

The time has flown.

Ashley, the middle child, just got a trampoline for her birthday, complete with protective net and zippered entry. Let me tell you, those things are not for the faint of bladder. Childbirth clearly did a number on me (insert a few kegels here). It didn't help that Maddy refused to bounce on her own, but rather preferred me to hold her and bounce. Trampolines are a workout enough without carrying a squirmy, squealy 31.5 lb weight!

My recent "Drama, Drama, Drama" post was fresh in my mind and, of course, I found some fresh materials from these little ladies:

*Tiffany (the Oldest at 13, who had a dear little friend, Talina, over for a sleepover):

"Leonardo DiCaprio is SOOOO HOOOT! OMG! Don't you think he is SOOOO HOT, Laura?!"

Ummmm....keep in mind that the child has never even seen Titanic. I mean, when I was her age, girls were drooling over Leonardo. Why does he have such staying-power? I just don't see it.

*Emma (the smallest at 7, as said to me while she was supposed to be trying to sleep):

"I don't know why everyone likes dating. It's so weird."

and also...

"No one thinks I'm cute anymore. I wish I could go back to being smaller. Ashley (the middle) told me she wishes I could be a baby again, because I was cuter. But I don't think she really means it. When I was a baby, she dropped me on my head because she didn't want me to be part of the family. On purpose. Right on my head.


It still hurts."

Love the drama.

Also, as a side note, I drove home in a tizzy because I have no idea how to parent teenagers. I'm only 25 myself (although very close to 26 :), and I realize I have eleven years to worry about this matter, but I just don't know what to do with them. Do I tell them they have to go to bed at a certain time, even if they don't have school the next day? What television programs are o-kay to watch? (In my opinion, clearly not House, which the older ones watched almost all evening long. I happen to love that show, but watching it through the lens of an eleven year old...there's plenty of inappropriate stuff. They were starting in on Heroes when I left.)

I'm praying for Divine Intervention already.

Now back to watching Barney.


Rebekah said...

I am so glad to have you back! I can read through your voice so easily and I can see the girl's drama playing out before me! Thank God you'll get more practice before teen age years hit! Continue being a steady in the girls lives, one day they'll thank you for it.

Meeghan said...

Thank God we have 11 more years to figure it out. I feel that way when I have a little neighbor girl over sometime who is on the verge of ten. She likes to be silly, and I thinks the things she says are sooo funny, and I just don't have the sense of humor to laugh with her. It is just an awkward stage. Glad they start out small.