Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Michael Phelps of Mamas...

Today is my good, best, longest, most extravagent, most determined, most fashionable, most-beautiful-green-eyes, most-understanding-of-curly-hair friend Rebekah's birthday. The above pics are from a few years ago (awww, look at little Maddy!), and she is even more beautiful today. Just look at the below picture of Bekah holding her new little niece:

Her blog, Heart Cries, has drawn many. It chronicles her journey, alongside her husband Ben, to adopt their first child. Their story is beautiful. Everyone who reads, who looks at her pictures, who sees how carefully she documents each step of the process, agrees that Ben and Bekah are the Michael Phelps of a choice for birth parents. Oh, you haven't been glued to the Olympics?! Err...me either. I just, um, heard that Michael Phelps was that swimmer-guy who now holds more gold medals than any other Olympian ever.

Ben and Rebekah are that good.

Rebekah has become this mature, wise, beautiful mom-in-waiting. All she has been through, all she is now navigating through, have changed her for sure. And all the bloggy world gets to see the sparkle. But I'm proud to know her a little bit closer:

  • She was my first friend in Sunday school at Christ the King Church in 5th grade.

  • She was my constant confidant, along with our other best friend, Andrea, during all my junior high and high school years. She whispered with me late in the night. We witnessed each other's heart breaks and all the growing-up-isms.

  • She was my very favorite roommate during one incredible year at Northern Michigan University. The year in retrospect meant very little to either of us academically and every thing in life expereinces. We were nestled in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan the year the town of Marquette broke the record for snow fall! We had "wear your roommate's clothes day". Rebekah was dating Ben, her high school sweetheart, and we again whispered late into the night, this time about when he would pop The Question and which of our college guy friends had any potential for me (none :)!). We built a huge snowman. We loved every minute.

  • I stood up in her wedding. She stood up in mine. She watched my first born come into the world.

  • We've called each other with every bit of exciting news and been witness to the reality of Who God Is in each other's lives.

She is beautiful and the real deal that all her readers see.

Happy Birthday, Friend. Enjoy every minute! And, oh, we all cannot wait to celebrate again with all the rises and settles of what this year will hold.

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Meeghan said...

She is an incredible person, one of the best I know. You articulated it beautifully. I cannot wait to see how this year unfolds for them. Happy birthday Rebekah!!!