Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A "Prime" Time to Make A Purchase!

Anyone ever heard of a little site called Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, you have? Then you know you can buy just about anything there. Shoes? Check. Beauty products? Check. Laundry soap? Alright, you get the picture.

One of my favorite, daily-read blogs is Mir, the author, is hilarious and has amazing deals posted every day. Plus, she calls her readers "pretty" quite often which, as it turns out, always brightens up my day.

Today I read one of her posts about a great little deal is running now. Sign up for a free one month trial period of a membership in Amazon Prime, and you will get free two day shipping on mucho item-o's PLUS ten free dollars applied to your account. The Amazon Prime service costs $79.00 annually and allows you to get the free two day shipping year round, plus other fancy benefits. I, however, do not buy neeeaarrrlly enough to justify such a fee. Soo...
  • I signed up.
  • I bought Madalyn "The Jesus Storybook Bible," which I have been wanting very much to purchase for her since reading about it here.
  • I payed $1.55 out the door for the above item.
  • I promptly cancelled my free one month trial. Otherwise I will without doubt forget and a $79.00 charge will show up on my bank statement, inducing much frustration and anger with my forgetfulness,until I decide that I might as well take advantage of the free shipping I've just unwittingly purchased and thus will spend more money. See, vicious cycle. So I just cancelled it immediately.

Anyways, let me know if you join and what you decide to spend your $10.00 on! You could buy socks, movies, music, popcorn, Kashi cereal...OR, don't forget a certain birthday that is JUST around the corner :)! Hehehe...just joking, of course. Kinda.




Vanessa said...

Oh! I didnt know about this! Thanks
Vanessa from

amazanian said...

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