Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Day @ The Beach...

This morning I had the idea to take Madalyn to the beach, as it is supposed to be in the upwards of 90 degrees today. So I proposed the idea and it was a big hit: she ran around the house singing "The beach! The beach! The beach! We're going to the beach, the beach, the beach!" (some of you may recognize that as a Wonderpets song :). We suited up, lotioned up, and I packed a picnic lunch. We got to the beach a little after noon, so I figured we'd start with the lunch.

"I not hungry, Mama. You're not hungry, Mama." Only problem was that I was.

"Let's just sit at a picnic table and eat, Maddy, then we can go play!"


Alright. We'll just go down to the sand, she can play, and I'll sit on my towel and eat my PB & J.

Maddy goes to play in the water. Comes back one minute and five seconds later.

"Mommy? I'm hungry."

"O-kay, here, let's eat our sandwiches on the towel."

"No, Mommy, I want a picnic lunch. Eat at picnic table."

Wow. So we hiked back up to the picnic tables (when I say "hiked back up" I mean walked up a few dozen stairs in a very steep hill to the picnic tables).

I pick a picnic table in the shade. Did I mention it's 90 degrees?

"No, Mommy, picnic lunch there." Madalyn points to a pavilion with 30 plus senior citizens having a banquet of some sort.
"Madalyn, there's a party under the pavilion today. We can't sit there."
"Don't worry, Mama, it's fine. We go to the party."
Maddy heads over. I have to quickly put everything down on the table and run after her.

She finally agrees to sit and eat lunch. She snacks happily for three minutes.

"All done, Mama, I go play."
"No, Madalyn, you need to take some more bites before we go back to the beach."
Maddy just takes herself down to the beach. More running. More redirecting. She eats one more bite. We head down to the beach.

Play for eight minutes.

"All done, Mama, we go play." Maddy is now referring to the play structure back up by the picnic tables. I do everything I can to convince her to play in the water. I am so hot. It's 90 degrees.

We play motor boat twice and go for a 30 second walk to see some seaweed.

"All done! I all done in the water; I go play!"

Crying. Parents watching. We pack up.

We climb up the stairs. My suit is virtually dry and I'm sweating by the time we reach the top. Maddy points to the bath house.
"Mama, I go put my poo poos in the potty." Maddy is not potty trained yet, so I jump at the opportunity. In we go. I take off her swim dipe. Take off her suit.

"O-kay, let's sit on the potty."
"No, Mama, I not sit. I just change my diapee."

Maddy likes the way her voice echoes in the bathroom as I struggle to get a new swim dipe and her cover up on.

We head over to the play structure. She wants to swing, then she doesn't. She wants me to go down the "big, big" slide with her. She is getting increasingly cranky. I finally decide it's time to call it quits. We've been at the beach a little over an hour. I gather up towels, our bag, her Nemo floaty, her pail with all the sand toys.

"Come on, Maddy, it's time to go."

Runs away. I have to grab her under one arm and carry her to the car. Refuses to get in her car seat. Gets a spanking at this point in the car. I'm so hot. So frustrated. I don't like giving her spankings (I'm a time-out Mommy), but I don't know what else to do at this point.

I love this girl with my whole heart. But we arrive at home, go in the house, the swim dipe and cover up came off, she has the fastest bath of her life, is put in dry clean clothes, given a kiss on the cheek and put into her crib for a nap.

Ten minutes later, she's sound asleep.

Anyone with any toddler wisdom, tips, resources....HELP!




Meeghan said...

Tip: Don't take two years olds to the beach. I learned this lesson last year, after having almost the exact experience. We did go one other time with a few other kids and that helped a little, but it is still a little crazy.

Solution: Come to a nice clean pool in Romeo, where you can have lunch made for you and Maddy. I cannot guarantee the attention span will be much different, speaking from experience, but she will have a friend to play with, and Melia could use some practice sharing.

You are welcome anytime.

Lisa said...

I remember those days. Now we go and everyone carries there own toys, goes to the bathroom by there self, jumps in by their self and are pretty much self sufficient. I just get to enjoy them. All I have to say is:
This too shall pass..... Days like today will soon be a memory.

Teri said...

You can come to my pool too! I don't have a toddler for her to play with but, well, a pool at this point is good enough!

Rebekah said...

Oh, Laura! I have to laugh, but I'm sure you want to cry! 'member when we were talking about "seasons." I think this is 'race around like a banshee' season! Good news...three is right around the corner!

Mia and Beepa said...

I love your narrative! Your episode perfectly illustrates life with a precious-cranky-loving-headstrong-curious-tempestuous 2 year old!
And I think you're a wonderful mom!


Jen Holt said...

too cute...easy for an outsider to say! man, what i have to look forward to...

Lisa said...

LOL..... there is one thing that doesn't change. I still try doing more than one thing at a time. Take for instance, commenting on your blog and talking to the girls at the same time. I just read my comment. I couldn't believe the terrible grammar. :0