Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Rooster Will Brighten Up Your Day...

Yesterday night was a bit long and hard and exhausting. I won't get into the whole story because, well, it's long and hard and exhausting. But I will say that I'm thankful for peace.

Growing up in the the church, I learned that God will bring "peace that surpasses understanding" during hard times. I took that to mean I shouldn't experience conflict, frustration, or unrest during difficult situations. That feels heavy, because I do feel those ways. Am I not "trusting" God enough? Am I not close enough to Him? But last night I felt a tired, still conflicted, still disappointed peace. And it hit me: It's not so much that I will exist in a zen-like state of no frustration or worry. It's more like I will feel a cool breeze pick up the leaves on a tree, I'll see small mercies in the people I love and I'll feel a deep, deep rooted sense of...

"It's going to be o-kay. I've already mapped this out."

Then I might go back to sadness and that's o-kay. Or I might stumble across a rooster for sale, which, in my experience, helps significantly. Let me explain.

As Dan read Madalyn a goodnight story, I absently flipped through our "Oxford Advertiser" looking for garage sales, etc. I always read the "Pets" section because Dan and I talk from time to time about getting a dog. This is what I found instead:
needing good home, not meant for
food. $5.00. (phone number)
10am-5pm, Wed-Fri, 10am-3pm Sat.
That just made me smile. I love that there are specific hours when the rooster is available for showing. I love that he is $5.00. I love that he is not meant for food (umm, who eats rooster?)
Nothing like a rooster for sale to brighten up your day. Seems as though I saw traces of Heavenly humor right before me in black and white.
Ps. If you happen to be in the market for a rooster, by all means, let me know and I'll give you the specs! :)


Dave said...

Sorry you had a long hard night :( The rooster is hilarious. praying for you as you walk out this hard time. If you need a "get out of the house swim day", let me know - we are pretty open

Meeghan said...

that last comment was from me- this is the second time this week this has happened. people log in to check google accounts on our computer and I do not pay attention to the name listed when I post a comment.

Andi said...

haha! love it!

Rebekah said...