Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Baby BOY!!!

Our little Baby Carney was seen by Dan and I on Monday at approximately 3:39 pm for the first time. We went into the darkened room, I laid up on the table, Dan sat in a chair and then I told him to move the chair over by the table because he was too far away :). He held my hand, I exposed my tummy and the ultrasound tech said "this gel is warm" as she squirted the blue goo on me. The second the probe touched my belly...a baby appeared up on the screen. It takes my breath away every time (o-kay, the two times I've experienced having an ultrasound)! I fully realize that there is an actual baby living inside me. With toes and fingers and everything.

Baby C. was quite an active little soul, moving, squirming, sucking, and putting his little hands up to his little face.

That's right...very early on in the ultrasound, the tech confirmed that we wanted to know the gender, and then said..."here's your gender! It's a boy!" as she froze the screen on the confirming evidence. WOW! Not only were almost all of YOUR guesses wrong (except for my Mom!), but Dan and I both strongly thought it was a girl as well...but we are thrilled. Dan literally didn't stop smiling for the rest of the ultrasound. My mind immediately went to what it means to have a son...

Little Baby Boy weighed in at approximately 9oz, which puts him in the 50th percentile, and I joked that we've never heard anything less than 98th with Maddy! The tech said that I'm certainly not out of the woods yet for having a big baby since the size usually comes later in pregnancy.

And, thank God, everything was normal and healthy...four chambered heart, two kidneys, in tact spinal cord, normal size fat pad at nape of neck, mouth and nose formed...we are so thankful for a healthy baby.

A healthy baby boy.

I took one last look before the procedure was complete, thinking to myself that was the last time I would see our son until June. I can't wait to hold him.


oh that's just PEACHY! said...

like I said. 2000% boy. err, yeah. that's what I said. :O)

Congratulations. So exciting.

Brad Ruggles said...

Whooo hoo! I knew it! I KNEW it! (after Lisa told me that is). :-)

Congrats you guys! We're so happy for you! Maddy is going to be such a great big sister.

Meeghan said...

Congrats!!! so excited for you guys.

Peggy said...

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