Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sparky the Robot

Meet Sparky the Robot! He is my first knitted toy! I made this little guy for my nephew's second birthday and included a couple of robot books. He truly was a joy to make, and I grew quite fond of him during our hours upon hours spent together. It was actually a little difficult to give him away. Particularly when the birthday-boy was most engaged with the plastic, colored toys that make noise. :)

It reminded me of a quilting class my mom and I took with the most amazing instructor, Ruth Ann. She was a great teacher who I keep meaning to take several more classes from...she's that good. Anyways, Ruth Ann showed us some of her personal quilts, and they would take your breath away. I, somewhere along the line, made a comment such as "Wow, your family must loove to receive such beautiful things as gifts!" Ruth Ann looked at me with a shocked expression and said, "Oh, no! I never, ever give my quilts away! They are like my children! Besides, my family would never appreciate them." I later regaled this story with much disdain for not sharing such a talent with others, but...

After Sparky, I kind of understood.

You spend hours of your time, yourself, on making a homemade gift, and your heart is a bit in your throat when the receiver opens your hard work. I think that's why I love receiving homemade things so much...they are so personal, a true gift of self.

So how do you feel when you give away something you made yourself? Anyone relate?

Funny story: Madalyn watched Owen open our gift, recognized the robot as the same one that's been hanging out at our house all these days, and proceeded to calmly walk up and snatch it away. It took quite a bit of explaining to get her to understand the time had come to part with our dear Sparky!


Rebekah said...

Laura, I LOVE it and you can make King Saul [our loving nickname for baby to be) one anytime :).I think Sparky is way cuter than any stuffed animal I could ever buy!!!

As far as the homemade gifts, I have very few homemade things that I've kept. It's always sad to see them go...but my rule is that I only make personal gifts for people that I KNOW will appreciate all the time and hard work that went into them!

Meeghan said...

Love the robot. he is really cute.

I agree with Rebekah. I only give homemade gifts to those I know will enjoy and appreciate them. It is fun when you find a few easy things to make (burp rage) then it is easier to give them away and if they never get used, there is not much time lost.

I do have several quilts that I have made that I just can;t let go. What am I going to do with them?? who knows, but there is so much time invested, it is hard to part with them. All of them made in classes at JoAnn's :)

Brad Ruggles said...

Ha ha, I love it! Can you make me one? I think a little baby robot sitting on top of my computer monitor would be so awesome! :-)