Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Simply Must Learn To Make These...

Right now I am praying for divine wisdom and knowledge, because I simply must learn how to make these hair clippies for Madalyn. Sure, I could buy them where I found them, but what fun would that be?

O-kay, more correctly, it would be quite fun, but I'm pretty sure this month's budget didn't make allowance for hair clippies.

Although I better just check with Dan to make sure. He could have thrown in 20 bucks for Madalyn's hair needs without my knowledge. I did buy the generic Target spray-in detangler for $1.14, so I'd still be good.

Anyways, just feast your eyes on these. Now I'm going to dig out some ribbon and a glue gun. Wish me luck!

I'm ecspecially loving the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red. Madalyn loves that story. Of course, I couldn't actually show them to her, or tell her I was putting them in her hair, or they'd never stay in. She'd want to play with them instead. But I could have the satisfaction of knowing her favorite story was playing out in her tresses. Maybe I'd just take a picture and show her later :).


Meeghan said...

They are adorable. I might have to try them out. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks for your help yesterday. Melia and Eva had a wonderful time with Maddy.

Rebekah said...

Where are Dan's priorities....seriously! I LOVE the Christmas tree and Turkey! I flip back and forth everyday on whether I want a girl or boy, it's definitely a girl! :)